Scroll Reveal Animation (CSS)

April 2024

Easily create scroll reveal animations with CSS's animation-timeline property. This showcase uses avatars from my last 20 GitHub followers to demonstrate the effect. Note: not all browsers support this yet. For more details, check the MDN documentation..

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    import { useState } from "react";
    import Button from "./ui/Button";
    // Nice try lol, I promise I will not send you a tons of spam emails
    // I just want to build a newsletter list to share my latest content with you 🥹
    const INIT = "INIT";
    const ERROR = "ERROR";
    const SUCCESS = "SUCCESS";
    const formStates = [INIT, SUBMITTING, ERROR, SUCCESS] as const;
    function NewsletterForm() {
    return (
    <input type="email" placeholder="
    Enter your email" />
    <Button type="submit">Subscribe</Button>