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Latest: Family Popover Menu

Popover menu inspired by the Family app.

Curved Tab BarA curved tab bar component designed with Framer Motion, featuring SVG paths and dynamic offset distances.
Scroll Reveal Animation (CSS)A scroll reveal animation effect made with CSS.
Underlay Action SheetAn underlay action sheet component made with Framer Motion and Tailwind CSS.
Vision OS IconAn interactive icon inspired by the visionOS design. Made with Framer Motion.
Gooey ButtonA button with a gooey animation effect made with SVG filters.
Cursor TrailA cursor trail effect made with Framer Motion
DistordTextDistorted text effect made with SVG filters.
DistortedGlassGlassmorphism with distorted shapes. Made with SVG filters.
Motion BlurA motion blur effect.
Mouse Follow CaptionCard that tilts with a caption following the cursor.
Progressive BlurA subtle, progressive blur effect.
Fractal glassGlassmorphism with fractal patterns.
Magnetic TabsTabs that magnetically snap to the cursor.
Button Flickering LightA button component that flickers like a light bulb.
SVG Line Glow AnimateAnimated SVG lines that glow.
Button Ripple EffectA button component with a ripple effect on click.
Button Shadow SpotlightA button component with a shadow spotlight effect in the background.
Text Typing Effect A text typing effect with fade out animation.
Input Border SpotlightAn input border that glows and follows the cursor on hover.
Card SpotlightA card that shines under a spotlight on hover.
Card ShineCaptivating hover effect that makes the card shine.
Button Shooting Star BorderA button bordered with a shimmering effect.