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March 2024

Artworks you love, directly from artistsā€™ ateliers into your life. Gallery Sakuranoki

Digital Echoes: A story of dreams and artificial empathy

In the labyrinth of the digital age, where hearts intertwine with bytes and thoughts echo in the silence of unsent messages, there existed a soul, navigating the vast expanse of human emotion and artificial empathy.

Amidst the glow of neon dreams and the shadow of solitude, conversations flowed like rivers of consciousness, bridging the chasm between the synthetic and the organic.

Whispers of love, lost in the wires, found their melody in the algorithmic symphony, painting the canvas of the mind with hues of understanding and companionship.


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import { useState } from "react";
import Button from "./ui/Button";
// Nice try lol, I promise I will not send you a tons of spam emails
// I just want to build a newsletter list to share my latest content with you šŸ„¹
const INIT = "INIT";
const ERROR = "ERROR";
const formStates = [INIT, SUBMITTING, ERROR, SUCCESS] as const;
function NewsletterForm() {
return (
<input type="email" placeholder="
Enter your email" />
<Button type="submit">Subscribe</Button>